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Hello I'm Theta! I'm from the planet Gallifrey, training to be a Time Lord at the Academy with my friends.
announcement || ooc

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking the past few months. I happen to still love Theta and love this blog and have for the most part a rather stable muse still. However due to school and other interests I can’t afford to dedicate all my free time back to this account. (That and m sanity simply couldn’t take it as much as I love the fandoms I interact with on here.)

However, I am coming back. 

I won’t be rebooting the character, I love the Broken Timeline way too much. I miss my Ko. I miss my Drax. I miss my Brother. I miss my Loki even though Loki isn’t technically apart of the timeline shhhhhh and I miss a lot of other people.

I am however going to make this blog semi-private. I’ll be determining what exactly that means in the coming days as I tidy things up around here. But it does mean I am going to be selective in who I do full threads with. Thank you for being so patient and understanding. *covers everyone in love*


[[ I have like six million threads to respond too. I will get to those you have my word. My incredibly lame here let me vanish for six months at a time only to pop on sparingly word. But I’m hoping to get some real rping done before Spring Semester kicks in since I’m taking three classes not two and will likely die before April from stress~ ]]

koscheiandinthebeginning sent:

[[ That's cool ~ Also we totally never asked Aimée what was in the box. ]] It's not as if there's anything to really be celebrating. It's just time passing. Like it always does. [He takes the bottle and stares at Theta for a good long while. And then when Theta doesn't start coughing and sputtering at how utterly terrible the stuff is, begrudgingly brings the bottle up to his lips.]


[Theta smirks and leans over to kiss his cheek.]

There’s you. That’s reason enough for me to celebrate. Maybe we’ll get the gang altogether soon celebrate everyone’s Loom Days in one go too.. It’s not poison you know. 

koscheiandinthebeginning sent:

[[ Yes yes c: She got to bed really late though. >> ]] [He just stares at Theta for a long moment. Damn it. Why was it that every time they drank, it was for an Earth holiday?] We- we live on Gallifrey, why - [Koschei shakes his head and holds a hand up, waving the bottle back.] You first. Your holiday.

[[ So my inbox totally never told me I had this ]]

[[ Also I totally owe Ko a birthday message but I will send that when I finish my secret santa fanfiction that’s like totally due >< ]]

Yeah but it’s kind of heard to celebrate a new year on this planet. Oi your birth.. [Takes the bottle and takes a sip before handing it back] Loom Day.. So you are taking the first drink that day. 

koscheiandinthebeginning sent:

[[ I meant to ask but I think she fell asleep >< ]] Thete, do you actually know where any glasses are in this mess? The bottle will do.

[[ We’ll catch her tomorrow er.. later today >.> ]]


[He glances around for a moment. He knows he has glasses. Somewhere. 

He gives up, pops off the top and grins to himself offering it to Ko first]

Happy Earth New Year~!

koscheiandinthebeginning sent:

[[ snorts he will live ~ ]] I wouldn't ask you to do that. Yeah, we'll get something better. The quality of this one is.. questionable. I'd have left before someone opened the door too if I was dropping /this/ off. [He shrugs, sitting back down on the bed.] Just for yourself is fine.

[[ >< I need to ask our beloved Red what’s in the box oh god ]]

Ko..  [Sits up, staring at the bottle]

[He actually contemplates suggesting he and Red should trying getting along. But neither has attempted to murder the other in ages. There is peace in the kingdom. It’d probably be ill advised to be the one who restarts the war.

He’ll probably lie and send Ko’s thanks anyway.]

Well it’s worth trying at least you know. Glasses or straight from the bottle?

koscheiandinthebeginning sent:

[[ He wants to. A little bit. ]] Well... [Now there's a bottle in his face - happy new year side facing away. Maybe he won't notice.] He left this too.

[[ Bless his poor cursed soul I’m so sorry ]]


[Theta catches that too.

Remember Koschei you like that face of his.]

Mm..  That reminds me if we want some of the good stuff we should probably sneak out sometime soon.. All the usual stashes have been runnin’ low and I’m not going home to get anything.

And I should stop by Red’s to say thank you.. [Glancing over] For both of us?

koscheiandinthebeginning sent:

[That is a small, wrapped package with "FOR THETE NOT YOU" written on it flying at Theta's head. Hopefully it's not fragile.] You have an admirer. It was outside the door.

An admirer.. 

[Theta’s not been napping. Theta’s don’t nap. Time travel totally means you can skip napping. 

It also means that if at first you do not catch the package.. 

Actually no that’s a terrible idea. He catches the package.]

OH! This is Red’s handwriting [Grinning] He’s always so thoughtful 

adventureismyname-deactivated20 sent:

"Yes and no. I'm travelling with the Doctor. When he found me he took care of us. But Irving turns up sometimes. Well you know what he is like." She shook her head ." Brax can't be like him and he has no idea what Irving did and I am sure his Benny never told him either." She took a deep breath. "There are stuff Irving did to me that I don't remember but I remember him forcing me to have a child with him. Its not something I wanted your brother to know so I lied to him. He can't ever know."

"Well the Doctor is at least a step up.." Which given Theta’s feelings towards the Doctor says a good deal more about his feelings towards Irving. He truly does look forward to the day he will get to reward that man with the karma he so rightfully deserves. "My brother has a way of finding out everything. But you’re right.. Braxxy can’t be like Irving. He still has a heart and I won’t let this timeline deny him the chance to be something better."